Life is Good's mission focuses on the power of spreading optimism through its apparel line, business partners, and everyday operations.

Client: Life is Good
Year: 2019 – 2020

- Social Media Content Creation
- Apparel Graphics
- Campaign Ideation

Social Life is Good

During my time with Life is Good, I had the great pleasure of being involved in many great events, social campaigns, and the creation of assets that would bolster the brand through the reach of their main social media channels. 

A personal goal during this time was to take existing brand assets and create lively engaging posts for our audience to interact with to get individuals more excited about or involved with the product. 



The #somethinggood campaign was the main marketing and UGC campaign of 2019. This campaign's focus was to match the brand's mission of spreading the power of optimism by sharing "Something Good" on users' respective social profiles. 

1,000,000 shares of the #somethinggood hashtag in 3 months was the minimum goal set by the team. Later on in the campaign, user interactions (likes, comments, etc.) would be added to the tally for our overall "reach" of optimism.



Each #somethinggood that was shared, liked, commented, etc. as a part of the campaign would count as a $1 donation to the Life is Good Kids Foundation on behalf of the Life is Good Company. 

The content I created generated roughly $350,000 for the LIG Kids Foundation in the form of interactions and shares from our loyal fanbase! The ability to have this reach in a 3-month organic social campaign across platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook was something that was incredible to see and be a part of behind the scenes.


Life is Good Hotline

The ability to collaborate with the incredibly talented and skilled veterans of the Life is Good Apparel Graphics team was a dream. The skills they bolstered in their work translated so well with the brand and the vibe they created within their own section of the office was something that had individuals from each department gravitating to it.

Being able to learn the tricks of the trade while also sharing my experiences in print and apparel was something that every designer dreams of. I had the unique ability to shadow individuals on their team and also present a deck of concept pieces for that upcoming season. The above mockups were some personal and team favorites.


Vintage Life is Good

Life is Good was looking to shift its target market focus more so to those under the age of 30. Being someone in that age kinda worked perfectly when they asked about good ways to jump on this.

With my love and understanding of thrifting and the reselling/secondhand market, I knew that Life is Good already held a very tight grip without even trying. 

In an attempt to connect with the younger market, and to celebrate the ~25th anniversary of Life is Good, we brainstormed the idea of an in-person exclusive relaunch of the Original Life is Good Jake tees just like 1994! 



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